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Email Blast – Immigration

Press Release
January 28, 2017


We all watched in horror this weekend as President Trump signed a shocking, cruel, and wholly un-American executive order banning Muslim refugees and immigrants from entering our country. We knew this was coming, but to watch it unfold with such disregard for human rights and dignity was truly shocking.

I was disgusted and ashamed to watch our nation detain an 88 year old, green card holder, a child on his fifth birthday, and so many others for no reason other than the country of their birth. Yet while the executive order was the worst of America, it also brought out the best of our country. From the lawyers working on airport floors to activists flooding terminals nationwide to stand in solidarity, this weekend showcased the people and diversity that truly makes our country exceptional.

Just as lawyers heard the call for their services at airports, my colleagues and I heard the call for legislation to fight this executive order. That’s why I’m introducing legislation that will not just overturn the order, but also stop any agency from attempting to enforce it.

The reactions across America proved that last weekend’s women’s march truly was just the beginning of a broader movement to fight for diversity, justice, and equality for all. This movement is already happening in the streets and airports of cities across the country, and I promise to bring it fully into the chambers of Congress as well. So while I feel weary after the indignities of this weekend, I am just as inspired as I was after last weekend.

Every day the President raises the stakes for the elections of 2017, 2018, and beyond. We now have seen how at-risk our principles are, and that should serve as motivation to fight for greater representation of women and minorities in the halls of our government at every level.

We need to keep this pressure up and defend the women’s rights, civil rights, American values that we all hold so dear. I will continue to stand alongside the men and women who flooded airports this weekend to make that happen.

Onward —