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Email Blast – Flint, Michigan

Press Release
February 3, 2017


Our values have been repeatedly and consistently threatened in these last few weeks and it feels like there’s a new crisis every day. While our party and nation face a host of new problems, we cannot forget long-term issues with which we have to grapple with as well.

In Flint, Michigan, people have been without clean, safe water for over 1,000 days. Families have been poisoned in their homes, futures have been jeopardized, and the Republicans in charge of Michigan’s government have failed to act. The negligence at all levels that led to this crisis would be shocking anywhere, but it’s especially in Michigan, a state I was proud to call home during my college years.

As Congressional Republicans work with our President to weaken environmental regulations and the regulators that enforce them, we know that Flint will happen again and again in towns and cities across the country. As Americans, we cannot accept that reality and must work together with communities across the country to fight against these dangerous ideas.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the scale of all that is wrong in the world, especially now that our President keeps making matters worse. But we must stand together as Democrats, not just in opposition to the radical Republican agenda, but in support and solidarity with all those suffering because of it.

Donald Trump poses a threat to us all. As a party, we must commit to fighting for each and every community that needs a champion. Just as I’ve stood with you all in airports and at marches, I stand with Flint and other threatened communities across America.

Onwards —